About Us

Ron and Carrie

We grew up in church! Ron was a “bus kid” while Carrie’s family was at church “every time the doors were open!” We became involved in Children’s Ministry in Colorado Springs at about the same time—1977…but at different churches–before we ever met. Ron volunteered in bus ministry as a high school student… while Carrie volunteered in the nursery and preschool children’s church as a junior high student.

Meanwhile, Ron changed churches and the following year, we became acquainted when the pastor’s wife assigned us to work in children’s church as team-teachers. (She later admitted that she did it on purpose—thinking we would make a good couple! Be careful who you let your kids hang out with—even in church! Ha!) We were married in 1979…and our adventures in life and ministry began! First we migrated south with our jobs to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and immediately began volunteering in preschool and junior high ministry at church. Then our jobs sent us further south to…El Paso, Texas!

Tuesday, June 21, 1981—we arrived in El Paso at 1:00 a.m. and were in church at Abundant Living Faith Center that night. This has been home ever since, serving the Lord under Pastors Charles and Rochelle Nieman. We began volunteering in children’s and youth ministry in 1982.

In 1984, we became Children’s Ministry Directors—on staff full-time at ALFC and expanded to include Youth Ministry in 1986. Ministry to junior and senior high school students continued simultaneously with children’s ministry for the next seven years where we developed music, drama and mime—for youth and by youth. In 1993, baby #6 was born so we cut back to children’s ministry and junior high ministry only for another seven years. As additional staffing permitted, we focused on elementary kids only beginning in 2001!

With a passion to impact this generation with the uncompromising Word of God, we began Under Construction Publishing Company in 1993. We’ve developed a creative and exciting curriculum that challenges teachers to grow stronger in the Lord while evangelizing and training students.

We also write and produce musical dramas for the entire family. Evangelistic productions such as Yellow Brick Road, The Gronch Who Stole Baby Jesus, Willie Ronka’s Fabulous Fruit Factory and most recently, Pinokio, have inspired church members to reach out into the community and bring scores of visitors to church…who then hear the gospel and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!