Building Your Children’s Ministry to Affect Kids for Their Lifetime Part 3


  • Lay Your Foundation on the Word of God

Your foundation determines the size, strength and longevity of your building or ministry. The wise man built his house upon the Rock—revelation knowledge of God’s Word and it withstood storms and pressure.  The same principle applies when building a strong, children’s ministry and building strong, spiritual kids.  Never underestimate a child’s potential to learn and act upon powerful biblical principles.


  • Don’t Compromise Quality for Convenience

Far too often, church leaders choose the easiest route when it comes to training their most valuable asset—children.  The world spares no expense or time in their attempts to capture the minds and hearts of children.  Who or what is shaping the future of the children entrusted to your ministry?

All God expects from us is our best!  Excellence is doing the best with what you have where you are.  Start where you are!  Do your best today to capture kids’ hearts and minds with the Word of God.

We began presenting dramas with few props and sets.  We did the best we could with costumes.  As time passed, our desire to do better drove us to learn how to build sets.  We painted them ourselves until the Lord brought us people who were more skillful.  We started with costume donations and shopped at thrift stores. We still thrive on donations and we have a team of volunteer seamstresses who make incredible costumes for free.  We simply provide the material (which we buy at wholesale prices at an outlet type store).  The Lord continues to challenge us to grow and do better.  Through faithfulness, He increases our abilities.  “…The same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also,” 2 Timothy 2:2.


  • Prepare Your Tools & Sharpen Your Skills

As a carpenter acquires tools that aid him in his craft, your ministry must accumulate tools to help you further your purpose.  Invest in a good set of tools and acquire the skills to use them.  Ministry skills such as drama, puppetry, storytelling and multi-media are invaluable ways to illustrate biblical principles.  Less talk and more action helps audiences grasp how to apply God’s Word to their lives.  It also incorporates more of the senses in the learning process that aide in retention and understanding.  Action is a must in today’s sight and sound generation.  Take time to prepare yourself and your team. Build on your strengths and acquire more skills—never stop learning!


  • Maintenance & Upkeep

Costumes, puppets and props are invaluable.  Train your team to respect and care for the tools God entrusts you with.  Be good stewards.  Keep everything including classrooms, storage areas, floors, costumes, puppets and props clean and in excellent condition.  Everything you present to your church and volunteers is a reflection of your character and the quality of your ministry.

Be organized.  Invest in sturdy adjustable shelving.  Place props and supplies in storage boxes.  Label, alphabetize and categorize boxes to protect items and make them readily available to all who use them.  Develop a storage system for puppets.  Pegs keep puppets from getting dirty or damaged.  Hang up costumes on racks and divide them into categories.  Use labels and signs so that volunteers can easily return items to their proper place when they are finished using them.

Solicit donations of costumes, props, wigs, hats and jewelry, from your congregation through the bulletin, special announcements and the children’s classes.


  • Extras Made Easier

Preparation of sets and costumes can be simple or elaborate.  Use volunteers to assist with making scenery and costumes.  Allow people to be creative and helpful!  However, you must still oversee projects to carry out the desires of the pastors, manage expenses and insure excellence (doing the best you can with what you have where you are).  Be mindful of ceiling heights, room usage and future storage!  Work to maintain continuity in themes, colors and quality.