Building Your Children’s Ministry to Affect Kids for Their Lifetime Part 4


  • Develop An Excellent Rapport With Your Pastors, Leaders, Church Family & Children

The reputation of your ministry is based upon your character and the fruit you produce.  Through commitment and consistency, your reputation will go before you, opening doors of opportunities for your ministry to reach more people.  “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men,” Proverbs 18:16.


  • Advertising—Make It Famous!

Put the same principle in affect that fast food chains have used for decades, “Kids bring the whole family!”  Use all forms of media to inform people within your church of what your children’s ministry is about.   Develop credibility and validity in your ministry by producing results in children—salvations and faith-filled lives.  Promote special themes, dramas and events as opportunities for the church family to reach out to friends, family members and co-workers.  Use press releases to communicate with the media and encourage them to report on your special events to the community.


  • Parenting Resources & Information

Provide biblical child-training materials and classes.  Produce guides on how to determine what types of entertainment are appropriate and/or spiritually unhealthy for kids.  Remain current on trends in video games, toys, movies and cartoons to help parents “learn to discern.”


  • Be Trust-Worthy & Responsible

Be mindful as you speak to children that you have been given stewardship responsibilities by God and parents to teach the Word of God.  Don’t use “shock tactics” or inappropriate language or subject matter to “be cool with the kids.”  Respect boundaries.  You are not the parent.  Equip kids to be wise, discerning and pure—but don’t be graphic about sexual topics.