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Ron & Carrie Webb
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Dear Pastor or Leader:

What sets your ministry apart from all the rest in your city? What makes you unique? What inspires you to grow and improve upon what you are already doing?

For us, it's a God-given mandate to evangelize and disciple the people of our city. We are called to lead people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and to train them in how to receive and enjoy the abundant life that Jesus came to give every believer (John 10:10).

That seemingly simple assignment carries "tall orders." It compels us to go beyond the "quick fix, fast food, puffed cereal" approach to children's ministry. It demands that we be willing to invest the time and effort necessary to feed the children of our church a strong, spiritual, health food diet that "tastes great and keeps them coming back for more!"

Kids need to understand how to apply God's Word to daily living. The book of Proverbs instructs us to get wisdom… and with all of our getting, to get understanding! Jesus used parables–stories filled with familiar themes such as farming, fishing, sheep-herding, weddings and housekeeping to explain the Kingdom of God in such a way that people could relate to and understand how to apply each principle to their lives. However, we've learned that it takes more than a story about sheep to capture kid's attention today!

Our modern parables, or parodies, use characters and themes that are already "a hit" with kids. We let those characters and settings tell our stories so the kids will "sit up and pay attention" to powerful Bible principles that when applied, will shape their lives for eternity!

We encourage you to delve into this website. Download all the helpful tips. Share them with your ministry team. Make time to strengthen your ministry vision and prepare for growth in your children's ministry, and ultimately, your church! We welcome your questions and comments!

Sincerely, Ron & Carrie Webb

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