Drama Techniques

Drama is Ministry.

  1. Your desire should be to minister to the audience.
  2. If your goal is for everyone to see how talented you are, your motives are wrong!


Your Character Must Be Energetic. (Acting lazy takes energy.)

  1. Energy produces good drama.
  2. Energy produces loudness so that you can be heard. (If they can’t hear you, you might as well not say your lines.)


Never Turn Your Back to the Audience.


Stay “Open” to the Audience—when there are 2 or more people on stage..

  1. Don’t face each other directly.
  2. Stand at a 45 degree angle so the whole audience can see the front of you at all times. (It may seem awkward at first, but you’ll keep the audience’s attention which is what you really want.)


Know the Script–as well as your lines!

  1. When you understand the purpose of the skit, you can continue even if you’ve forgotten a line or two.
  2. Relying on your script for your lines will limit you as a character.  (The skit will lose its effectiveness and may not be as enjoyable for the audience. Remember, our primary goal is to minister to the best of our ability. Put forth a little extra effort and you will see the results in the response of the audience.  Do your best and God will do the rest!)
  3. Knowing the script will make learning your lines easier.  (It also enables you to cover for someone who may have forgotten his or her lines.)


Use Costumes.

  1. Costumes make the characters more exciting and believable.
  2. Go all out.  (Don’t just put on a shirt or robe.  Use wigs, glasses, hats, canes, etc.  Be creative!)


Have Fun!

  1. If you’re having fun, the audience will have fun too.