Performance Etiquette by Ray Sanchez

Maintain professionalism for top-rate performances and eliminate distractions onstage and backstage that hinder effective ministry of the Word.

BackstageAny area out of view of the audience.

  1. BE QUIET.  If absolute silence is impossible, only the slightest whisper is permissible. “Pass the word” to a performer a distance away – never yell a whisper! The audience can hear backstage murmuring.
  2. Keep the walkways clean of props, wires, etc. Watch where you step so that you will not bump into things or make noise.  Backstage areas are often very dark.
  3. Pray or study your script while you are waiting for your cue to go onstage.
  4. Never “poke” your head out to look at the audience.  Always make sure you are completely out of view before you come out of character.

OnstageAny area where the audience can see you.

  1. STAY IN CHARACTER at all times. Even if something goes wrong, play along with it as your character and find an excuse to leave, if you have to.
  2. If you go onstage in a technical role during a performance (adjust a microphone, rescue a prop from the audience, etc.), lessen the distraction by a.) avoiding eye contact and/or communication with the audience, b.) using slow, deliberate movements, c.) exiting as soon as possible.

Before the Show:

  1. Know where your make-up, props and costumes are, not just “who is supposed to have them!”  Know where they are.
  2. Be dressed and ready in time for your team prayer.
  3. GET FOCUSED. You must visualize your role mentally and pray in the Spirit.  Stop joking and playing—encourage politely.

After the Show:

  2. Help Technical Crew “strike” the set. (Tear down the stage.)
  3. Thank the Stage Managers and Technical Crew.
  4. If asked, greet and take pictures with the audience. This is part of the performance and ministry.