About the Curriculum

Sunday's Cool- Curriculum

About the Curriculum

Less Talk; More Action!

Each lesson is divided into three sections which include the following materials:

Lesson 1 introduces the central theme.

  • Supplement 1 illustrates the central theme. (character skit, puppet skit, story or object lesson)
  • Memory Verse Commercial: Take 1 is a mini-kit (often a parody) that uses familiar characters/themes.
  • Review Game Round 1 is an interactive gameshow-style activity. Kids who answer questions correctly participate in a challenge/bonus round. Questions are based on the Section 1 outline.

Lesson 2 illustrates the central theme with a Bible story.

  • Supplement 2 (character or puppet skit) illustrates the Bible story.
  • Memory Verse Commercial: Take 2 is generally a continuation of the first memory verse commercial.
  • Review Game Round 2 questions are based on the Section 2 outline.

Lesson 3 explains how to apply the central theme to the child’s life.

  • Supplement 3 is the continuing drama from the series title which illustrattes the application of the central theme for the day’s lesson and the month’s series.
  • Memory Verse Commercial: Take 3 continues from Takes 1 & 2.
  • Review Game Round 3 questions are based on the Section 3 outline.